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New Year, New Learning!


This week 5th graders expanded their box of measuring tools when they learned how to use the percent circle.  The percent circle is a valuable tool that is used to analyze and create circle graphs or pie charts.  Students learned two ways of using the percent circle to measure the size of each sector in a pie graph.  They put this new skill to action when they created their own pie chart to display information from their multiple intelligences quiz.  It is a great visual to quickly see whether they are more of a verbal thinker, math thinker, naturalist thinker, and so on!

Photo Jan 07, 10 23 53 AM


Did you know that 5th grade has gone through piloting school and they are now flying their own planes?  We are not short on adventures in this classroom!  As part of our Variables science unit, your investigators constructed Foss planes and connected them to a flight line made from fishing line, two chairs, and some tape.  The challenge was to figure out the minimum number of winds needed on the propeller to get the plane across the flight line.  It was a difficult task with many hiccups and lots of problem solving.  Check out our video on Facebook to see one group find success!

Photo Dec 17, 1 38 11 PM

One Word

Have you made your New Year’s Resolution yet?  If not, it could be fun to try something new this year, like the one word.  One Word is a movement happening in the resolution world where a person selects only one word to ruminate on for the year.  Every student at TCS spent some time this week brainstorming and deciding on their one word.  They came up with words like health, grit, love, patience, and focus.  It was so beautiful to see what they came up with and hear them explain why those words are important to them.  Ask your child what their one word is!

Photo Jan 08, 11 04 34 AM