The Cooper School Daily

New Year, One Word..

As we are entering a new year, each member of The Cooper School chooses one word as their focus for 2022. This week, middle school students have been brainstorming, choosing, and explaining the meaning of their words. Students will share their word with all of you during self assessments! We are excited for you to hear the amount of thought each student has put into their intention for 2022!

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes: 

What’s happening in Social Studies:

Sixth Grade jumped right back into the middle ages by learning about the Black Plague. Historians researched, contemplated, and discussed the similarities and the differences between the Bubonic plague pandemic and the Covid-19 pandemic. Studying diseases in history will be the perfect segway into our science unit, which we will begin next week. Sixth Grade will explore the differences between bacteria and viruses, then start exploring other living systems on our planet.

What’s up in Math?

Mathematicians have been refreshing their operations with decimals. We have played online games, bingo, and completed a digital maze before jumping back into the curriculum. Students have mastered addition and subtraction of decimals and are working toward mastery of multiplication and division with decimals. Friday, we will pick up our curriculum with division with decimals. We will wrap up Unit 3 next week and take a Unit 3 assessment the following week.

What’s happening in ELA?

Sixth Graders continued their work on reading nonfiction and identifying main ideas and supporting details. Many of the students are grasping the concepts of the main ideas and supporting details, however, there are some students that can benefit from extra practice. Please read news articles, or short nonfiction readings and help your child locate the main ideas and supporting details. Students are also studying vocabulary lessons 7 and 8.

Important Dates:

January 17th: MLK Day – No School