The Cooper School Daily

Newspaper Columnists


This week Second Graders expanded their writing skills as both local Cooper Village business owners as well as newspaper columnists.  Each writer paired with partner to create a unique story covering a topic that was affecting Cooper Village.  Stories covered the local economy, crime, environmental changes, and inspirational stories of local residents!

Read Aloud

Second Grade is half way through another riveting read aloud book called “Maniac Magee” by Jerry Spinelli. This is a story of a fearless orphan named Jeffrey who is known for his athletic abilities and a love for reading. His story is complex but he meets many characters along his journey that show him compassion and belonging in a world on the run.

Public Speaking

Each member of our class will be presenting at the Cooper Village Grand Opening. Second Graders have been practicing with partners and in front of a group audience speak to a large crowd. They will be representing both their natural disaster and businesses! They have used techniques such as speaking loud and proud, slowing down, and smiling. 

Reminder: By now you have received the invitation for the Grand Opening of Cooper Village on Tuesday, February 26th at 8:30 am.  One thing you will need to remember is the costume of your child’s profession in Cooper Village. This is a very fun project to do with your Second Grader!


Important Dates

February 26th Grand Opening of Cooper Village

March 4th  Student Led Conferences Half Day

March 5th Student Led Conferences Half Day