The Cooper School Daily

Nonfiction Writers

Hook Your Audience

Second Grade writers set out this week to hook their audience as they began their “How To” books in Writing Workshop.  They determined through their lessons that there are three ways that you can hook your audience to keep reading! The first way is to start with a question. The second way is to tell a fascinating fact! The third way is to describe what you are writing about with bold words! 

Finding Meaning In Words

In this week’s Reading Workshop, Second Graders continued their study of nonfiction texts looking for keywords, but this time they sought challenging keywords! As they read they identified three keywords, and used context clues from the text to deduce what they meant by looking at the pictures, reading captions, and using the index and glossary.  

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we studied the indigenous people of the polar biome. Scholars learned that they were nomadic people who constantly traveled looking for food. Students learned all about the Inuits’ different types of transportation from then and now, such as by foot, by water using a kayak (that they invented), umiak and sled. Second Graders also learned about the different foods they ate, and types of clothing they wore.  Ask your scholar what they found to be the most interesting about the Inuit people! 

Important Dates

  • Thursday, October 31st – Halloween Carnival (Half Day)