The Cooper School Daily

October Beginnings in Second Grade!

The How and The What

This week our writers discussed “tiny moments” and how authors achieve their “tiny moments” within a story by replacing descriptive words with their everyday words our writers typically utilize. In Writing Workshop,  we circled together after we made these changes to share these stories, and the stories transformed!

Math Number Story

Our mathematicians became the authors of the math texts this week and they created their own problems as well as their own solutions.  In creating their own Math Number Story, through math equation creation, illustration creation, and solution explanation, they came full circle with how to teach themselves.  



The Wild Robot

Second Grade began a highly antici

pated new book for our Read Aloud, “The Wild Robot” by Peter Brown.  This is an uplifting story about an unexpected visitor whose arrival disrupts the animal inhabitants of a rocky island, but has a contemporary twist: the main character is a robot.

Quick Reminder:

If parents will remind second graders to place silver take home folders and clear folders back in tote bags to return to school.  

Friday, October 12th                                       11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 15th                                    Make Up School Day

October 24th                                                  Parent Morning Meeting