The Cooper School Daily

October Middle School Students are Outstanding, Observant, Open-hearted…

You see what we have done? We have used all “O” words to share with you how overjoyed we are to see the growth in your kids throughout the past few weeks. The middle schoolers are learning to work together to accomplish goals. They are actively encouraging their own curiosity about interesting facts through the “curiosity board” located on the second floor of the middle school building.

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes: 

What’s happening in Social Studies:

Studying women’s roles in history has been happening! We explored why Elizabeth Cady Stanton believed women deserved the same rights as men through Harkness discussions and reading from Solitude of Self. We also read about and discussed how women’s rights and roles have evolved from early America, the 1950’s, to now. Lastly, historians began learning about the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Geary Act of 1892, deciphering if these laws were just. Next week, we will move on to exploring what role they believe the US should play in the world.

What’s up in Math?

Mathematicians have been working to understand and develop scaled copies of real-life situations. They have been creating floorplans of bedrooms, kitchens, and entire houses based on a specific scale. We had a great discussion and debate while working through their review packet. Students were teaching one another, we were having rich discussions, and they wouldn’t stop until they understood the concept and helped others understand. We will be moving into slope soon! I am excited to keep moving forward with these fantastic, deep thinkers! 

What’s happening in ELA:

This week seventh graders continue to hone their writing of realistic fiction skills. They sketched out possible plot lines for stories, using a tool called a story arc. Your seventh graders have various examples of story arcs in their ELA binder, so be sure to ask them to see those story arcs. They are very interesting! Please check out your seventh graders’ writings several evenings throughout the week and give them some encouragement.  They are talented! Students are also perfecting the skill of using quotation marks when writing dialogue. Please continue to review with your children correct capitalization, punctuation, identifying nouns, homophones, and articles in sentences.

Important Dates:

October 18th & 19th: Fall Break NO SCHOOL

October 22nd: Booth Materials brought to school

October 29th: Halloween Carnival 11:30 Dismissal