The Cooper School Daily

Off to a great start

Middle schoolers spent this week settling in, catching up with friends, and making new connections! In advisory, we worked on building the foundation for advisory communities, however we also prioritized building our middle school community as a whole. Lockers are starting to individualize, schedules are being memorized, friendships are blossoming, and trust is being built.

Here’s to another great school year!

What’s happening in Science:
Scientists set up their notebooks to record their observations and got down to business! They built bridges to see if they could hold 50 pennies or more. There were so many successful and unique designs…it was a blast! Scientists also learned and practiced lab safety while experimenting with dry ice!

What’s up in Math?
Students have been busy getting to know one another and exploring introductory math concepts. We have constructed different shapes based on a specified area, exercised our engineering sides to see who could build the tallest tower, and created stained glass windows using rigid transformations. We are diving into our first unit eager to problem solve and learn together!

This week in Reading…
Students went over the 3 Rs: Respectful, Responsible, and Resourceful. They discussed with their groups a book they read this summer and were able to categorize their books by genre. The students also discussed the pros and cons of E-readers versus an actual book in the hand. I overheard some great discussions on that topic. Finally, by secret ballot (not so secret), the 7th grade students decided on a name for the ELA class pet which is a red bearded dragon. They decided the perfect name for it is Leo.

Important Dates:
August 27: 6th/7th Grade at JICP for PE
September 6: Labor Day NO SCHOOL