The Cooper School Daily

Off to a Great Start

Morning Meeting

This week, Third Graders loved Morning Meeting! It is an amazing way to start our mornings and we learn something new about each other every day! During Morning Meeting, we begin by sharing a welcome greeting, sharing thoughts and ideas either whole group or in pairs, followed by an activity and we closed with a group message. This week, we practiced our “Knock Knock” greeting and a “Mirrored Wave” greeting. Third graders enjoyed stretching their imaginations with a Morning Meeting activity called, “This Looks Like a Marker”. Another favorite class activity from this week is “The Fidget Family”. Ask your child which activity and greeting they enjoyed this week!


Third graders came back to school so very excited to read! We explored the classroom library and bookshop. Students were ready to dive into books and continue their love of reading at home. We reviewed how we should look and sound during Sustained Silent Reading. Students read a variety of texts as we explored our classroom library and learned more about our class pet, “Jackaroo”. We enjoy this time of day to discuss some of our favorite literature and get to know each other at the beginning of the school year. I look forward to reading a variety of literature this year with these avid readers!

Meeting “Jackaroo”

Third Graders spent time getting to know our class pet through nonfiction texts this week. “Jackaroo” is a female bearded dragon. Third Graders delighted in observing “Jackaroo” dine one of her favorite meals, mealworms. Stay tuned to learn more about our unique class pet.