The Cooper School Daily

Off to the Island of the Blue Dolphins!


Historical fiction is so fascinating!  This week, 5th Graders finished reading a historical fiction novel based on a true story.  The story goes like this:  A native tribe called the Nicolenos lived on a small island off the southern coast of California.  In 1835, the Nicolenos were forced to leave the island after several brutal fights with Russian hunters left them with sparse numbers.  When they escaped the island, a young woman was left behind!  She remained on the island for 18 years by herself until rescued in 1853.  If you haven’t guessed yet, we are reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.  It is Scott O’Dell’s fictional account of what those 18 years were like for the Lone Woman.  Ask your child what they’re favorite part of the book was!


Your 5th Grade mathematicians have been analyzing data all week and organizing it into several different graphs and tables. Our main focus this week was line plots and bar graphs. Students learned a new game called Finish First and played in pairs to determine if it was a “fair game” based on their data collection and results. Ask your child to play Finish First!


This week in Movement we put our soccer skills to the test. Students practiced passing with a partner, dribbling, stopping with one foot and even played an abbreviated game. The teams tied 1-1. Our class loves soccer and classroom competition!

Important Dates:

Tuesday, Jan. 23rd                Dock Street Theater – The Giver

Thursday, Jan. 25th              Art Walk, 8:00 AM