The Cooper School Daily

Oh Joy! The Holidays Are Upon Us!

There has been so much excitement in the air this week! The middle schoolers have been awaiting the break to spend time with family, friends, and everyone else in between. This week was hustling and bustling with festive activities such as the secret santa gift exchange, holiday song karaoke, and the Holiday Extravaganza! We hope you have a great break and Happy Holidays! 

Here’s a look at what is happening in each of the classes:

What’s happening in Social Studies?

This week the students dove deeper into Industrialization. Students worked on and finished their projects of women in history who made an impact on science, which then would leave to effecting the industrial revolution. 

Students will continue the industrial revolution when they return, after a quick review of course. Students will then begin by looking at different photos of the industrial revolution and analyzing the photos with a partner. Students will then begin to look at the industrial revolution from a global perspective. 

What’s happening in ELA?

Wow! We have had very busy and intense weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks! Your students stayed the course and were able to complete all of their ELA activities. Please encourage your students to read over the Christmas break. Have them to verbally summarize what they read to you around the dinner table.

Please enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s celebrations with family and friends!

What’s happening in Science?

Eighth graders investigated sound waves this week! They considered how engineers fix problems and problem-solved to figure out the best way to insulate a box to make it sound proof. They had to think about constraints and qualifications to solve the challenge. When we return from break, they will investigate what happens when light waves interact with matter and what the spectra reveals about life.

What’s happening in Math?

Happy Everything and a restful break to all! We ended math with a Unit 4 Assessment that covered two-variable statistics. After break, we will dive into our function unit, which will include graphs of functions, inputs and outputs, and inverse functions.

Important Dates:

  • December 16th: Holiday Extravaganza- 11:30 Dismissal (Pajama Day)
  • December 17- January 2: Winter Break