The Cooper School Daily

On to Bigger and Better Things!


Writers started the week off by having their self-assessment conferences. Writers have worked so hard to complete and practice their self-assessment and they were finally able to share all of their hard work with parents this week! Students are incredibly proud of themselves and did a perfect job showcasing all of the progress they’ve made so far this year! Now we’re ready to look ahead to writing poetry!


We wrapped up Module 4 this week with our assessment on Friday. Students really enjoyed investigating the different ways to find the area of rectangles using the distributive property, the commutative property, and the associative property. The end of our area investigation brings us right into our new module; Fractions!

Social Studies

This week in Social Studies, we wrapped up our Asia study by welcoming a few guest speakers and presenting all of the information we’ve learned. On Monday and Tuesday, we welcomed Ms. Cinelle, Ms. Courtney, and Ms. Kim to speak with us about living in the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan! On Wednesday, students gave their presentations on their China topics. Scholars are so excited to share the videos of their presentations with parents on Friday! 

Important Dates:

March 29-April 5: Spring Break