The Cooper School Daily

One Word….Amazing!!

Kindergarteners launched into 2017 with doing project work to build their model buildings, explored non-fiction text features, and chose “one word” to show how they want to live, learn and play in the New Year!  

Project Work

Kindergarteners have immersed themselves in using their creative minds to create a model of their building. Kindergarteners decided on what building they wanted to create, drew a blueprint of it on special drafting paper, and are now using this design to build their model. It has been awe-inspiring endeavor!!  


Kindergarten readers were thrilled to continue building their non-fiction reading skills during reader’s workshop this week. They practiced using the glossary to find out the meanings of unknown words, identifying interesting things with post-its, and sharing interesting parts with partners. Readers noticed when looking at non-fiction books they found real pictures, diagrams with labels, bold words, and facts & information that are true.

One Word

As we returned from a restful break and entered 2017 we discussed choosing one word to show how we want to live, learn and play in the New Year! Kindergarteners found such unique and fitting words to represent their focus as they entered the New Year. Ask your kindergartener what they chose as their “One Word” for 2017!   

Important Dates:

  • Thursday, January 12th Parent Forum 5:45-6:45
  • Friday, January 13th Buildings Museum @ 1:30
  • Monday, January 16th MLK Day No School
  • Monday, January 23rd  Study Trip to Charleston Stage
  • Friday, January 27th Art Walk @ 8:00