The Cooper School Daily

Our 100th Day of School

100 Days Smarter!
Kindergarten was so excited to end the week with a celebration of our 100th Day of School! Today, students hobbled into school in their elderly best. Students laughed and showed off the costumes they’d pieced together to age themselves up a bit. We saw mustaches, gray hair, nightgowns, suspenders, and even a remote control! To honor our 100th day, students completed projects counting up 100 of an item of their choice. Students were proud to show off their counting skills and even more proud to show off their funky clothes in a parade in our school backyard, as students from older grades cheered them on.

We Are Independent
Over the past couple of weeks, Kindergarteners have been learning all about independence. This week, Kindergarteners thought about and discussed all of the things that they can do independently. It warmed our hearts to hear students beaming with pride as they bragged about all of the things that they can do on their own. Independent little ones told us all about how they are able to put on their own shoes, unpack their bags at school in the morning, and pack up their lunchboxes after lunch each day! We are so proud of Kindergarteners as they master new ways of being independent.

Boss of Our Yoga Mats
The Cooper School is deep in a study of Independence! Students in all grades are discussing independence and ways that we can grow to be more independent  in the classroom. This week Kinder-Yogis spent time exploring ways to be independent during yoga class. Students observed Miss Courtney as she demonstrated how to roll up and unroll a yoga mat. Kindergarteners observed, shared what they noticed and then got to work practicing being the boss of their yoga mats! Ask your Kindergartener what they did to be an independent yogi at school this week!

Important Dates:
February 10 – Kindergarten Playdate (Afterschool 3pm-4pm)
February 15 – February 16 – February Break