The Cooper School Daily

Our 100th Day of School!

100 Days Smarter!

Kindergarten was so excited to start the week with a celebration of our 100th Day of School! This Monday, students hobbled in to school in their elderly best. Students laughed and showed off the costumes they’d pieced together to age themselves up a bit. We saw mustaches, gray hair, nightgowns, suspenders, and even a remote control! To honor our 100th day, students completed projects counting up 100 of an item of their choice. Students were proud to show off their counting skills and even more proud to show off their funky clothes in a parade through the school, as students from older grades cheered them on.

Is It Enough?

This week, mathematicians are exploring ‘is there enough?’. Students compared groups of objects using the language ‘more than’, ‘fewer than’, and ‘the same as’. These brave mathematicians even spent time exploring the area of shapes by covering them with different materials. Students were excited to compare their results and practice making one-to-one correspondence to check their thinking!

Magic Tree House: Afternoon on the Amazon

Kindergarten has been so excited this week to start a new Magic Treehouse read-aloud chapter book, “Afternoon on the Amazon”! This fiction read-aloud connects beautifully with our biome study and even has a non-fiction fact checker companion book. Students are loving following the adventures of Jack and Annie as they journey through the Amazon rainforest, dealing with its conditions and all of the exciting creatures. We can’t wait to see what’s up next on the Amazon River!

Important Dates
February 8th – Family Fun Night (CofC Basketball Game)
February 13th – Valentine’s Day Bake Sale
February 17th – February Break
February 27th – Kinder-Bonding Buddy Playdate with Class (3:00-4:00pm)
March 9th – Biome Fashion Show (2:00pm)