The Cooper School Daily

Our Attitude of Gratitude!


This week, Fourth Grade began their study of decimals and decimal place value.  We began the week with a look at number lines from 0 to 1 counting by tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.  We skip counted with our calculators to see that a tenth is ten times greater than a hundredth and a hundredth is ten times greater than a thousandth. Then, we used base ten blocks to build various decimals and practiced reading them to a partner.  Lastly, we compared decimals using comparison symbols such as greater than, less than, and equals.  


Social Studies

This week students continued their study of our country and its regions by looking at the history of The United States. This history began with a discussion of the different Native American tribes that inhabited our country when settlers first arrived. From there the book touched on the American Revolution, and we finished the week talking about Westward Expansion.  This brief history of the United States will be delved into much deeper when we begin our reading and writing units about the Revolutionary War in a few short weeks!



Every year, teachers and TCS students take this time of year to focus on gratitude. This year, Fourth Graders have been discussing many aspects of gratitude; including how it makes us feel to be shown gratitude and how we receive gratitude from others. Our main focus has been on the large and small things we have in life that we appreciate. By focusing on the small moments that make life very special, students are less likely to take the bigger things for granted. From having a friend help you up, to being given choices on what’s for dinner, Fourth Graders were able to identify many moments throughout their days that they felt gratitude towards one and another.


Monday, November 20th       ½ Day – Harvest Feast

Tuesday, November 21st      Thanksgiving Break – No School

Monday, November 27th       School Resumes

Friday, December 8th            Choir Concert at Congregational Circular                                                     Church 1:30-2:15

Thursday, December 14th     Parent Coffee 8am-9am