The Cooper School Daily

Our KinderAdventure

A Trip to the Theater!
Kindergarteners were abuzz with excitement this week as we geared up for our field trip to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar at the Dock Street Theater. After reading so many Eric Carle books over the last week, students could not wait to see stories they knew brought to life onstage. Kindergarteners showed wonderful audience etiquette as they watched in awe while actors entered with puppet after puppet. We were so proud of our young theater patrons!

100th Day Planning
With our 100th day of school just around the corner (February 3rd), students spent time this week discussing and planning for the upcoming celebration. Students were so excited to take a peek at photos of our 100-year-old Kindergarteners from last year as well as their collections of 100 things. Students were so inspired that we decided to create a list of items great for collecting 100 of, as well as those that would probably not be ideal. Kindergarteners had so many great ideas! But we all agreed: no live animals or anything stinky!

Non-Fiction Text Features
During read-alouds this week, Kindergarteners had a chance to deepen their understanding of clothing and the purposes of clothing through the reading and discussion of Non-Fiction texts that teach. Kindergarteners have learned that non-fiction texts are books that teach us. During these read-alouds, we are closely examining the text features that are commonly found in non-fiction books. Stay tuned as we take a deeper dive next week!

Important Dates:
February 3rd – 100th Day of School