The Cooper School Daily

Our KinderCommunity!

Biome Buildings!

Scientists spent time this week meeting with their Biome groups to look at different types of homes in their assigned environments. Students were excited to dig through different examples of houses in the polar, desert, rainforest, and wetlands biomes! From tree houses, to boathouses, to UNDERGROUND homes, Kindergarteners spent time looking through books for ideas. After studying up, group members gathered to compile their ideas and create a blueprint for a design of their very own, discussing materials they could use to build it!

Phonics Fun

Kindergarten linguists continued to build on their word part knowledge during our study of phonics this week. Students were introduced to a new tool- the letter lasso! Students discussed how superheroes use tools to solve problems and save the day. They were then introduced to a special superhero, Word Wonder, who uses a lasso to catch word parts instead of villains! Our class practiced using pipe cleaner lassos to capture word parts and build new words with their rug clubs!

Celebrating Diversity

This week, The Cooper School community gathered for Whole School Morning Meetings to celebrate and honor African American History Month. Students spent time sharing what they knew about the contributions of African American heroes of the past and present, who made changes for the world we live in today. Students discussed the importance of celebrating diversity and honoring the African Americans who fought so hard for change. The Cooper School students learned that super soaker water guns, ice cream scoops, and sprinklers were all created by African Americans! How cool is that? In class, Kindergarteners read books celebrating diversity and how we are all unique!

Important Dates
February 27th – Kinder-Bonding Buddy Playdate with Class (3:00-4:00pm)
March 2nd & 3rd – Student Led Conferences (11:30am Dismissal)
March 9th – Biome Fashion Show (2:00pm)
March 15th – Spring Planting Party 9am-12pm
March 23rd-27th – Spring Break (No School)