The Cooper School Daily

Our Kindergarten Valentines

Celebrating Valentine’s Day
Kindergarteners were thrilled to celebrate Valentine’s Day with classmates! Students completed construction paper crafts, decorated bags to collect Valentines, and spread love everywhere. Kindergarteners could not wait to share the cards they brought for friends as well as collect the cards their friends brought in. We capped off our day by exchanging Compliment Books, which students filled with the things they like most about their peers!

Story Elements
Kindergarten readers spent time this week discussing story elements of fiction books. These brave scholars know that characters are the people or animals in fiction stories. We examined the setting in several stories and discovered that the setting is where a story takes place. Kindergarteners were excited to discover that the setting can be inside or outside! These bright children were able to identify the problem and solution to several stories that we read. Ask your Kindergartener what they know about fiction story elements!

Handwriting Reflection
This week, our class spent lots of time reflecting on their growth this year in preparation for our upcoming Self-Assessment Conferences. Students analyzed a lot of their past work, and spent a lot of time looking at their own handwriting. Kindergarteners compared their handwriting from the beginning of the school year to now, and we were blown away by all of their improvements. After looking at how far they’d come, students took the opportunity to write their alphabet and compare it to a model text. Comparing the two, students circled the letters they noticed they needed to work most on to really improve their handwriting! We are so proud of all of their big kid reflections!

Important Dates:
February 21st & 22nd – February Break (No School)
February 25th – Kindergarten Afterschool Playdate
March 7th & 8th – Self-Assessment Conferences