The Cooper School Daily

Our Week in Second Grade

Making our Schedule

This week, second graders are practicing some skills they learned during the entire year. This week we are focusing on telling time. We began by reviewing the layout of the clock and how to use the hour and minute hand. We then got into telling time using our schedule that students see everyday. Students had to write the time down as well as show it on the clock. At the end, they got the chance to create their own dream schedule for second grade.

Stories are Coming Together

Second grade realistic fiction writers have been hard at work writing their stories. Students have been writing a realistic fiction story based on all their own ideas. They will spend the last days of school editing and perfecting their stories. At the end of the writing process they will have the chance to share their stories with the class. We can’t wait to read their creative stories.

Practicing Crosswords

Mr. Noodle, our music teacher, has been sending our second grade students on treasure hunts with decodable texts and now he has created a crossword puzzle for them to solve. Last week, students had to solve an alphanumeric scavenger hunt, and found real treasure out on the playground! This week they are solving a crossword puzzle. Working with partners, they are using their smart brains to solve the clues and complete the crossword!

Important Dates:

May 20-23rd – SPIRIT WEEK!

Monday, May 20: Color Day – pick your favorite color and rock it!

Tuesday, May 21: Fan Day – teams, artists, characters, etc.!

Wednesday, May 22: Wacky Wednesday – patterns, styles, don’t hold back!

Thursday, May 23: Crazy socks AND hats!

May 24 – No School (Teacher Workday)

May 27 – No School (Memorial Day)

May 30 – ½ Day (8th Grade Graduation)

May 31 – ½ Day, Field Day, Last Day of School