The Cooper School Daily

Pass-It-On, Grandparents & Ships


This week students created models of the leg and the thumb using craft sticks, rubber bands, paperclips, and rubber tubes. We discussed how each material represents the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, or ligaments. We all had so much fun creating these models that students wanted more time to extend this learning. Our science center next week will allow students to access all of the model materials and choose any skeletal body part to create.


Grandparents Day

The second annual Cooper School Grandparent’s Day was a huge success! After a light breakfast and greeting, grandparents and special friends were welcomed into the classrooms at 10am.  In the 4th Grade room students shared a typical morning meeting and then a fun-filled science lesson with their grandparents.  Students led their grandparents and special friends through a human body activity that they experienced last week.  During this activity students helped to immobilize different joints in their special friends’ hands.  Then led them through a series of tasks meant to highlight the importance of one’s joints in their bodies.  We loved hosting all of the grandparents and can’t wait to have them again next year!  Finally, students delighted their grandparents with a spectacular choir performance.


Pass It On

After months of preparation your poets are finally ready to share their creative writing with everyone at the annual Pass It On celebration.  Now that their poems have been refined and published, your writers turned their focus toward performing this week.  We watched videos of professional poets reading their work aloud, and we practiced reading our own poems in big and small groups.  Your poets analyzed the tone of their poem and discussed how that might change the way they read it.  They practiced pacing their reading, speaking loud and clear, and presenting with emotion.  We can’t wait to share all of our hard work with you at this special event!


El Galeon

On Thursday, your explorers stepped foot on the replica of an old Spanish fleet ship called El Galeon.  This style of ship, that sailed for three centuries, linked Asia, America and Spain and allowed the greatest interchange of cultures, people and ideas in history. They ruled the navigation through the oceans of the world and became the only commercial and cultural vehicle between continents, being responsible for the first worldwide globalization. 



Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, May 10th                            Soccer Study Trip
  • Friday, May 13th                                2nd Kayaking & SUP Trip
  • Friday, May 20th                                3rd Kayaking & SUP Trip
  • Friday, May 27th                                4th Kayaking & SUP Trip