The Cooper School Daily

Patterns, Publishing, and Play!

Patterns, Patterns, Everywhere

This week, First Grade launched Unit 3 in Math. One of the most important topics in Mathematics is the study of patterns. First Grade mathematicians spent time exploring and examining various patterns with numbers and patterns in their community. First Grade friends were able to locate patterns in so many places! They found calendar patterns, even and odd number patterns, sound patterns, and visual patterns! These scholars practiced finding a rule to describe predictable visual and numerical patterns. They then practiced using the rule to extend these patterns. Ask your young mathematician where they see patterns in the world around them!

Publishing Celebration

 First Grade writers have been so busy writing, illustrating, and practicing reading their writing, as they prepare to publish to Second Grade friends this week! These brave writers selected their very best small moment piece of writing to revise, edit, and prepare for publishing. Scholars spent the week putting finishing touches on their pieces by carefully illustrating pictures to match the words on each page using true-life colors. Ask your First Grader how they felt publishing their work to our Second Grade audience!

Jump Ropes in Our Backyard

 On Monday, scholars of every age were introduced to the first playground toy of the year, the jump rope. At TCS, students are introduced to playground toys one by one as a strategy to encourage these creative minds to initiate inventive play. The beginning of the year is also the time to develop friendships throughout different grade levels through group games. Therefore, it was of no surprise that when jump ropes were introduced at Whole School Morning Meeting students were excited to experiment with all the creative uses a jump rope can offer. Once a new toy is introduced, students discuss and model proper use and care of the toy. After jump ropes, teachers will continue to introduce one toy a week at Whole School Morning Meeting. This ensures each toy is used appropriately and to its full potential.

 Important Dates:

  • Tuesday, October 24th First Grade Parent Morning Meeting,                                         8:00 – 8:30
  • Tuesday, October 31st Halloween Carnival- Half Day
  • Tuesday November 7th Insect Museum Presentation 8:15-9:15