The Cooper School Daily

Peace and Publishing

Week of January 21-24

Peace Table

We know you’ve heard and read about the “Peace Table”. But just to elaborate on its function, we’d like to explain further. The Peace Table is a conflict resolution tool for our classroom and for The Cooper School. A Peace Table can be used by students and adults to encourage resolution of conflicts through peaceful and respectful communication.When used for conflict resolution, it encourages participants to talk about what is on their minds and gives them a specific place and method to achieve agreement. Our “official” Peace Table is a small table and chairs with the Peace Wheel which helps facilitate the discussion with a series of steps. A Peace Table is not always confined to the official table~~teachers employ them when and where a situation demands resolution~~on the playground, at lunch, in activities, to help participants achieve a calm state of mind.

Our Official Reviewers

Extra! Read all about it!  First Grade journalists published and shared their opinion writing with their families this week during a cozy Publishing Party. Students wore their pajamas and brought pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals to school.  Then we gathered in the library and students read their reviews from the First Grade Newspaper to their parents. Afterward, we all enjoyed breakfast treats that parents had provided! The topics of their reviews were many and varied~~from cereal to books to pets and games!! We are so proud of their hard work and their reading and writing progress this year. They warmed our hearts as we watched them read and snuggle with their loved ones !


Our newest Social Studies/Science focus is on Australia.  This week we began the study of the biomes of that continent/country!  All we have learned thus far has been fascinating. The students took a deep dive into the characteristics of the various biomes and as each biome was shared as a summary, the children then were assigned a partner to whom they turned and retaught the previous information. If a student can explain a concept to another, it solidifies that learning!

Important Dates:

Friday, January 31⋅8:00 – 9:00am TCS Art Walk

Saturday, February 8: — 4 pm Family Fun Night

Thursday, February 13: Valentine’s Day Bake Sale

Monday, February 17: February Break