The Cooper School Daily

Pebbles, Gravel, and Sand… Oh, My!


Students began their transformation into “master writers” as we launched our Narrative Writing Unit. Students focused on stretching out “little moments” in their life by adding colorful details and using language to paint a picture for the reader. Jane Yolen, the author of “Owl Moon” and Angela Johnson, the author of “The Leaving Morning” were used to mentor student’s writing by highlighting some of the techniques they may have used. One strategy students were eager to try was jotting down their ideas in their “tiny topic notepad”.


Second Graders dived even deeper into their study of geology this week. They used field tools to explore how to separate and classify rocks. By using screens and magnifying glasses, students separated a rock mixture by particle size: from pebbles to gravel to sand! They also shook up some sand and water solutions. Students made fantastic observations and predictions as the particles separated in the water.

readers_sept_7Memorable Moments

This week in Second Grade, we have ended our day by gathering on the carpet and sharing our favorite activity or something we have done well. This reinforces speaking and listening skills, but also allows students to reflect on their daily accomplishments. It’s touching to watch students become thoughtful and reflective on their daily success.