The Cooper School Daily

Place Value and Presentations!


harry_bee_picThis week, 4th grade began their study of decimals and decimal place value. We began the week with a look at number lines from 0 to 1 counting by tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. We skip counted with our calculators to see that a tenth is ten times greater than a hundredth and a hundredth is ten times greater than a thousandth. Then, we used base ten blocks to build various decimals and practiced reading them to a partner. Lastly, we compared decimals using comparison symbols such as greater than, less than, and equals.


We continued reading “Journey” this week with a focus on character relationships, and how these change throughout the book. Students also looked closely at the author’s words, to not only understand these deep relationships, but also to understand how the mood changes throughout the book. After finishing on Tuesday, students wrote literary reviews about the book. Ask your child about their final thoughts of “Journey”.

Bee Presentation

On Friday, 4th Grade presented their Bee Movie to a room full of parents and siblings. kuffin_bee_picOver the course of the past 12 weeks, students have learned an immense about of knowledge about the life of a honeybee, and the threats they face every day. After viewing the Bee Movie, parents viewed stories and dioramas written by our class and even participated in a honey tasting. We loved sharing all that we have learned with our families!

Jiha Moon

This week, Third and Fourth Graders went on an exciting study trip to The Halsey to examine the artwork of multicultural artist, Jiha Moon. Moon is a contemporary artist who focuses on painting, printmaking, and sculptural ceramic objects. Born in Daegu, South Korea, Moon is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her artwork blends cultures through elements native to Korea, Japan, and China and then unites them with Western elements. Students were intrigued by Moon’s blend of icons and culture in her works. They were able to identify familiar Western icons such as the characters from the online game Angry Birds and smart phone Emojis, which intermingled alongside Eastern icons such as Asian tigers and Indian gods. Third and Fourth Graders asked thoughtful questions and made careful observations. They even participated in an exciting scavenger hunt to locate specific icons, words and symbols. We are so very grateful to Mrs. Kerry for arranging such an engaging study trip!