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Poet Muse Presentation & Pellets


Fourth Grade switched gears during Reading Workshop this week from poetry to nonfiction.  The next few weeks will be spent reading and analyzing nonfiction articles written about Animal Adaptations.  During this unit, students will learn how to find the main idea, pick out important details, and make inferences based on word choice within the articles.  By the end of this unit, students will master the art of analyzing nonfiction texts! 


Owl Pellets

In conjunction with our study of the human body, 4th grade dissected owl pellets on Wednesday.  Working in partnerships, students carefully dismantled these pellets to find that they were filled with small rodent bones.  Students were amazed by how many bones were found within one pellet and how delicate these tiny bones were.  Once the bones were separated from the pellet, students were tasked with re-assembling the skeleton with the help of a small rodent diagram. 

owl pellet 1

Poet Muse

On Friday, Fourth Graders delighted their parents during our Poet Muse Presentation.  During this time, students not only recited poetry but also presented their iMovie’s that were filled with research about their Poet Muse.  After the presentation, parents were able to read the poems that the 4th Graders wrote that were inspired by their muse!

owl pellet 2

Important Dates:

  • Friday, April 29th                               1st Kayaking & SUP Trip
  • Friday, May 6th                                  Grandparent’s Day (11:30 Dismissal)
  • Friday, May 6th                                  Pass-It-On
  • Friday, May 13th                                2nd Kayaking & SUP Trip
  • Friday, May 20th                                3rd Kayaking & SUP Trip
  • Friday, May 27th                                4th Kayaking & SUP Trip