The Cooper School Daily

Poetic Intrigue


5th Graders work to piece together a poem, line by line.

This week, we began our Poetry Reading and Writing Units. We were inspired by One Line Reflections. After pulling a single line from poems by Lewis Carroll, A.A. Milne, Margarita Engle, Eugene Field, and Charlotte Perkins Stetson, we reflected on the imagery, feelings, and questions the lines produced. This was an amazing start to our Poetry units and we can’t wait to dive deeper into poetry from around the world! 

Student Conferences-

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, we were so excited to present our Student-Led Conferences to parents. During this time, Fifth Graders taught their parents how to play Fraction Multiplication Top-It, and describe how it reflects their growth in math, they shared their digital and printed portfolios with work samples and reflections from every subject, and they gave their parents a behind the scenes look at our Europe and Exploration studies. This was a wonderful time to truly shine on how much everyone has grown throughout the year and highlight all of their hard work. 

Purposeful Movement-

A 5th Grader bravely avoids an alligator infested river!

This Tuesday, Fifth Grade was so thrilled to have Purposeful Movement with Ms. Lizl! Not only did we get to run through a caveman’s obstacle course, throw javelins, shoot bows and arrows, and find “berries” (marbles), but we also learned about the brain. Do you know what the amygdala does and what it has to do with anxiety? Fifth Grade does!   

Important Dates:

March 14th: Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)

March 22-27th: Spring Break (No School)