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Poetry All Around!

Pass It On Charity

This week in Whole School Morning Meeting, TCS students were introduced to three different nonprofit charities. Earth Watch, the South Carolina Wildlife Federation, and the Giraffe Conservation Federation all aim to help our animal friends. On Friday, students were given the option to vote for one of these charities. After a charity is established, they will focus their efforts on raising money for this charity through Pass It On.


Second Graders are learning to breathe life into their own poems by delving into reading poetry. They started a new unit in reading this week. Students began by discussing the unique characteristics of poetry. They practiced identifying the tone of the poem by reading it aloud and listening to the rhythm and rhyme. Scholars read several poems and identified the author’s perspective based on the literal meaning. As students are exposed to different types of poetry and the way it is written, they will become more confident in their own ability to write poetry.

Writing Poetry

Poetry enthusiasts continued to study the art of writing poetry. Students practiced capturing their thoughts and images with carefully selected words, metaphors, similes, and onomatopoeias. They proudly shared poems about dancing clouds, mountains both old and new, and lonely pencils patiently waiting to be used. By letting their imagination be stretched, these scholars were able to see things with a whole new lens.

Important Dates

March 25th – 29th                                             Spring Break

April 6th                                                              Spring Planting Party