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Poetry All Over the Place!

Poetry From Every Angle!

First Grade writers continue to be immersed in the magic of poetry! Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Learning Centers, and Morning Meetings have allowed scholars to build on their poetic expertise by exploring poetry from every angle. First Graders are thoroughly inspired by the world around them and are bravely recording what they see when they look at the world through the eyes of a poet! Our classroom is flooded with poems written by First Grade poets, teachers, and Cooper School writers. We can’t wait to share our hard work with you at Pass It On!

Counting Money and Exchanges

This week First Grade mathematicians closely examined dollar bills and added to their growing knowledge of money. Scholars were eager to build on their understanding of coins, finding values of collections of coins, and representing money with different coin combinations, by adding exchanges of dollars! These brave scholars were able to practice their skills with a new math game, One Dollar Exchange. In this exciting game, students enhance their understanding of place value by building coin collections and trading when possible to change place values as numbers increase.

Observing Liquids

First Grade scientists dove deep into our study of matter by investigating liquids this week in science. Students were excited to investigate a variety of liquids to discover the many different properties! Close investigations of these liquids led to the building of scientific language used to describe liquids. First Graders discovered that water is transparent but can be many colors, and corn syrup moves slowly and is quite viscous. Ask your First Grader what they discovered about liquids this week!

Important Dates:

Saturday, March 24th               Spring Planting Party (9am-12pm)

Friday, March 30th                    Spring Break begins

Monday, April 9th                      Return from Spring Break    

Friday, April 20th   Swim Lessons

Friday, April 27th Swim Lessons

Friday, May 11th Swim Lessons

Friday, May 18th Swim Lessons