The Cooper School Daily

Poetry in Fourth!

Photo Below: Hula Hoop Games are very popular during outdoor breaks in Fourth Grade! 


Fourth Grade scholars continued studying topics in their new science unit on the, “Sun, Moon and Stars!” This week scholars tracked the phases of the moon each evening and documented their findings.  Monday began with a New Moon and each day after that revealed a Waxing Crescent Moon that illuminated more and more.  Students drew their nightly observations on their tracking sheet and on Friday we marked our collective data on a Moon Tracking calendar. 


The Fourth Graders have been learning all about fractions!  They have learned a lot about comparing fractions and equivalent fractions.  During our math time, we have used many different models such as number lines, fraction strips, pizza, and chocolate bars to help us learn about fractions.  

This week, students have been focused on adding and subtracting fractions with common denominators.  We have truly enjoyed solving word problems using fractions.  The students had fun creating their own word problems using fractions and sharing them with the class.

Reading & Writing Workshop

Fourth Graders have been very busy with reading and writing LOTS of poetry.  This week, students were asked to choose a poet muse that inspired them to be better writers. The students then read many of their poems and learned about their muse’s life.   The students were asked to choose their favorite poem by their muse and spend time studying it.  Fourth Graders will continue to research their poet muse and use their poetry craft tools to write a poem similar to their muse’s poem.

Important Dates: 

May 7th – Virtual Pass It On (viewing information will be sent home soon)- 11:30 Dismissal

May 31st- Memorial Day- No School