The Cooper School Daily

Poetry, Math, and Swimming, Oh My!

Poetry Pros

First Graders have been delving deeper into poetry in both Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop. Before we begin reading or writing, we have a short whole-group mini-lesson  on the carpet where students are introduced to a poetry mentor text that demonstrates a specific poetry technique. These poems can serve as examples to inspire our young poets and to help them brainstorm ideas. This week we looked at alliteration, line breaks, and luscious language. Then students went back and added these techniques to their poems to make them come alive!

Math Fact Wizards  

In Math, students have been using name-collection boxes to help them collect equivalent names for the same number. These boxes help children appreciate the idea that numbers can be expressed in many different ways. We have also been using fact triangles to show and practice fact families. Fact families are sets of three numbers that can be added and subtracted together which can help students develop an understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Mermaids and Mermen in the Pool

1st Graders started swimming lessons at the W.L. Stephens Pool this week! This is the first of four swim lessons they will participate in this spring. Cooper School students have the opportunity to enjoy a fun and challenging recreational activity each spring. We love sharing this time with them and seeing them shine and hone their skills.

Important Dates:

Saturday, April 6th-Spring Planting Party 9am-12pm (postponed from 3/16)  

Friday, April 19th-Monday, April 22nd-TCS Closed for April Break

Thursday, April 25th-TCS Black Tie and Blue Jeans Auction