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Poetry Muse and More…

Poet Muse

Fourth Graders have begun working on their Poet Muse projects. During this project, each student chooses a poet they are inspired by and learn about their lives and poetry. The culminating project includes a slideshow about their poets’ lives, a memorized recitation of one of their poet’s poems, and a poem they write that was inspired by their poet. Students are getting ready to present this to their parents and peers.





This week, we dove into our study of the Moon during science.  After weeks of nightly moon observations, students began to see the pattern in which the moon travels throughout the sky.  Students learned the names of the main phases of the moon, and even simulated its monthly movement using a Styrofoam ball (the moon), a light bulb (the sun), and a straw. By holding the ball perched on the straw at arm’s length facing the “sun”, and then rotating their bodies counterclockwise, they were able to see the shadow cast on the surface of the moon. This was a concrete explanation of why we only see certain parts of the moon each night!



Twice a week, Fourth Graders participate in centers. Centers are designed to be independent and allow students to choose curriculum-related activities they are interested in. This week, students worked centers devoted to poetry! Students choose the center they want to participate in and rotate through them freely. Students had the choice to memorize and record themselves reciting a poem, draft a haiku, publish a poem on fancy paper, create titles for unmarked poems, organize and rewrite poems written on sentence strips, or illustrate a line from a poem.

Important Dates:

Thursday, April 26th                   Paddle Boarding and Kayaking at JICP

Friday, April 27th                         Planetarium comes to TCS

Saturday, April 28th                    Charleston Battery Game

Friday, May 4th                            Grandparent’s Day – Early Release at 11:30am

Friday, May 4th                            Pass It On – 5:00 at Charleston Museum