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Poetry, Plantations, and Swimming!

We Love Poetry

Our young readers are learning all about poetry. Students learned how to sort books to distinguish between poetry books and storybooks. Readers also learned that poems look different. Poems have white space, can be written like a tall building, or sometimes the words seem to float on the page! Kindergarteners are learning that poems can have rhythm, rhyme, and repetition. They have been busy being detectives finding these specific elements in poetry books.

During writer’s workshop, students are becoming poets by practicing writing poems about things that are important to them. Poets have been mindful to remember to include rhyme, rhythm, or repetition. Writers are discovering different ways to find inspiration for their poems. We will start collecting important items from home to add to our Poetry Museum. In this museum, writers will find interesting ways to describe these objects, express a connection, or record their curious thoughts.

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Kindergarten zoologists had the opportunity on Thursday to visit Magnolia Plantation and Gardens! IMG_1044Zoologists got to experience the zoo there which was a great hands-on experience. The students were thrilled to see and touch various animals that were roaming free. These included: deer, goats, ducks, peacocks, and turkeys. Zoologists saw turtles, snakes, owls, bunnies, and horses, donkeys, and a cute pot-belly pig. Zoologists will not forget how a turkey and a peacock liked them so much that they followed them around and around the zoo. The smiles and laughs and silliness were priceless!

Kindergarteners were thrilled to enjoy eating lunch together under huge live oak trees while they talked about all the animals they saw. Kindergarteners then became tree experts and enjoyed walking along the Ashley River to observe and investigate all the different trees on the plantation. We observed live oaks, magnolia trees, and tons of cypress trees. Kindergarteners enjoyed touring the conservatory to observe all the plant and tree life. It was a great study trip! Ask your kindergartener all about it!


On Friday, kindergarteners were overjoyed to do their first swim lesson! Swim experts were introduced to their swim instructor, Coach James. He taught them specific pool rules and modeled procedures with them. Then the kindergarteners practiced and learned  important swimming skills. These included blowing bubbles IMG_0011 under water, kicking on the side of the pool, kicking with a board and floating. Swim experts were all smiles while being in the pool and asked me if they could swim every day! Wouldn’t that be great? IMG_1052





      Important Dates:

  • Monday, March 7th and Tuesday, March 8th – 1/2 day Student-Led Conferences
  • Friday, March 11th – 2nd Swim Lesson
  • Friday, March 18th – 3rd Swim Lesson