The Cooper School Daily

Poetry Takeover!

Poetry Centers

This week, we launched our new poetry centers to go along with the school-wide poetry unit. Centers take place on Tuesdays and Fridays, and this is a time for students to participate in hands-on enrichment activities related to the week’s curriculum. This week, students were offered several poetry centers. The publishing center was set up for students to publish a poem they’ve written on beautiful poetry paper. The “illustrate a line” center is a place for students to read a poem with strong imagery and illustrate what they see in their mind. Students may listen to various poets recite their poetry aloud while at the listening center. At the reading center, students are able to read poetry independently or with a partner and pick a favorite poem to copy. One of our favorites is the Poetry Museum where students can observe some of the items they’ve brought in for inspiration, and the Memorization Masters where students can memorize famous poems and record themselves reciting them. We are loving this time to explore poetry!


Self Assessment

In preparation for the March student-led conferences, your learners have been working hard on the process of assessing their work. During conferences, each student will share with you what their strengths are, what their weaknesses are, and what their interests are in Math, Reading, Writing, and Collaboration. This week, your students spent time writing out how to teach you an important math skill they have learned. They will teach you this skill during the conference. For specials, they took pictures of themselves in their “bendiest” yoga poses! Ask your child what they do really well in at school!



This week your scientists designed their last investigation of the Variables Unit. Last week they built a flipper, or catapult, out of a craft stick and a plastic flipper base. After identifying all the variables that might affect how far they could flip an aluminum ball, they designed an investigation to test one of those variables.   Some students tested the angle at which their catapult was situated, some tested the calibration of their flip stick, and others tested the object they flipped. Ask your child how they controlled all the other variables!


Important Dates

Monday, Feb. 27                                Kinder/5th Grade Buddy Day!

Tuesday, Feb. 28                               Science Fair 8:00 – 8:45 am

Tuesday, Feb. 28                               Study Trip, Peter and the Starcatchers 9:30 – 11:45