The Cooper School Daily

Polar Presentation

Polar Biome Presentation

On Wednesday our scholars presented their Polar biome/Inuit presentation that we have been working so hard on for weeks. Scholars learned all about the polar biome, clothing, transportation, food from then & now, music, language and so much more! Scholars compared the prices of food in Charleston to the prices in  the Arctic Circle. They were shocked by how much more food costs in such a remote location. Scholars were so excited to present their findings and art work to their parents and siblings. Ask your scholar what their favorite part of the presentation was!

Blubber Experiment

Second Grade scholars participated in an experiment dealing with whale blubber this week. Students were able to tell how blubber makes a difference in an animal’s ability to retain heat. We used lard as a substitute for actual blubber and made a pocket in which to put your hand. Students stuck one hand into the blubber bag and the other hand into a regular plastic bag. Students then stuck both hands in a bucket of ice and felt the difference that the blubber made in regards to keeping the hand warm. Scholars enjoyed this so much that we decided to share this experiment with parents at our presentation.

Science Fair

This week Fifth Graders presented projects at the annual Cooper School Science Fair.  Second Graders attended and were able to see the scientific process in action. Topics included airplane making, fire blowing, cookie ingredients, toy electric cars, static electricity and so much more!