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Practicing Gratitude

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and First Graders have been hard at work on their Gratitude books! This is a Cooper School tradition in which students spend time learning about gratitude and thankfulness and practice it in their daily lives. Eventually they brainstorm a list of things they are grateful for, and turn it into a beautiful book to present to parents at the Harvest Feast. Our students completed the bulk of this writing project this week, and are grateful for so much in their lives!

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This week students dove into books about Thanksgiving and the Pilgrims. Through familiar characters like Pete the Cat and leveled nonfiction texts, First Graders got to practice their partner reading skills. After each lesson, students were asked to recall facts from the text and this important period of American history. Students came up with some fantastic wonders, like “But where were the Naive Americans BEFORE they were in America?”and “Why wasn’t King James more flexible?”


Students gathered with Ms. Stacey this week for a special Thanksgiving edition of Yoga class. First Graders practiced gratitude for their strong bodies. They isolated their feet, arms, knees, spine, tummy muscles, and fingers and thanked each part. They silently listened to their heartbeat and breathing and were grateful for their heart and lungs.

Important Dates

•  Tuesday, November 22 – Harvest Feast, 10:00am (Half-Day, 11:30 dismissal)
•  Wednesday – Friday, November 23-25, – Thanksgiving Break, No School
•  Friday, December 16 – Pajama Day! (Half-Day, 11:30 dismissal)
•  December 17 – January 3 – Winter Break, No School
•  Wednesday, January 4 – School Resumes