The Cooper School Daily


Area and Volume!

This week mathematicians have been calculating difficult real-world mathematical problems. Students have been making conversions and multiplying dimensions to find the area of an athletic center. Students have also been learning about fish-tank guidelines that relate the length of a fish in inches to the volume and surface area of water needed to keep fish healthy. Mathematicians used many different strategies to come up with the best fit for both the athletic center and the fish tank using area and volume.


Field Day Prep!

Students have been working on creating a materials list and design for their Field Day activities during Centers this week. With only three weeks to go, students are completing their plans and preparing to construct their games. Our theme for this year is endangered animals! Each student is planning a game that incorporates an animals on the endangered species list.


Research, Research, Research!

Students have completed their first research paper on Westward Expansion and have picked a subtopic to research in more depth. Their first report opened their eyes to dive deeper into a topic they were interested in developing in more detail. Writers picked topics such as James Marshall (the first person to “strike it rich” during The Gold Rush), the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad, and daily life on the Oregon Trail. Students used texts, internet sources, and their previous research paper to help find information on these subtopics. Students will soon complete their paper and a Westward Expansion class book will be produced!



Important Dates:

Monday, May 20th-24th- ERB Testing Week

Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day! No School

Thursday, May 30th- Graduation Day! Half day

Friday, May 31st- Field Day! Half Day (Last day of School)