The Cooper School Daily

Preparing for our Presentation!

Poet Muse
Students are well on their way to memorizing the poems written by their Poet Muse! They tackled their final poetry project this week, which was creating a short iMovie about their muse. The Fourth Graders creative ideas and quick recollection of this program was amazing. Students are very eager to share these final projects with parents, siblings, and friends.

Fourth Graders have been learning all about finding the perimeter of irregular shapes and the area of quadrilaterals and polygons. These lessons are teaching students the skills to logically apply math in real life situations. Students learned how to find the difference between these two through an interactive card game called “Fences and Rugs.”

Social Emotional
This week students began learning all about the building blocks of confidence. We began the week discussing specific tasks that we feel confident doing and the reasons why we feel confident. Students stated their confidence came from persevering through failure, practice, experience, focus, and positive encouragement from their own internal voice. Next, students discussed the feeling they get when they are displaying confidence.

Important Dates;

Thursday, April 26th 1st Kayaking & SUP Trip
Friday, April 27th Planetarium at 8:30am
Tuesday, May 1st Poet Muse Presentation at 8:15am
Friday, May 4th Grandparents Day (11:30am Dismissal)
Friday, May 4th Pass-It-On