The Cooper School Daily

Preparing to Publish


During Reading Workshop students are diving into a study of dialogue through reading various series books. Each student has chosen a series that is just right for them and they are learning about characters, setting, and dialogue. The idea of dialogue is very simple, but the reading of it becomes very complicated. Students will become punctuation investigators to find how it is used to help us read with expression and understanding. We will also be looking at the use of the word “said” and the many alternative words that can be used instead.


Collabration_G2As we near the end of this writing unit, students are preparing to publish one of their personal narrative stories. The final part of this process is to revise and edit their work. Once students have chosen the story they want to publish, they begin by revising, adding on and looking at word choice. The next step is to edit their work. Second graders focus on the use of capital and lowercase letters, end of sentence punctuation, and spelling. Using an editing checklist, students must edit their own work. Then, they peer edit with their writing partner. This helps students to use these skills of recognizing mistakes on someone else’s work, where the words are more unknown.


At The Cooper School, we cherish and value a child’s curiosity every day. We have been discussing and exploring curiosity in depth this week, and sharing what we are personally curious about. Second Graders have a lot of wonders and interests, including how rocks are named, diamonds are made, and the difference between bees and wasps. We started a class “Wonder Wall” for students to post their questions. We even opened a “Researching Center” where students can investigate their wonders. Throughout the year, we will find ways to find out the answers to our many wonders.