The Cooper School Daily

Present and Perform

Pass It On

Last Thursday, The Cooper School elementary students participated in Pass It On, where they recited their very own poem to friends and family. They worked so hard and wrote tons of poems to find their best work. Then they revised and had workshops to edit and perfect their work. The 4th graders put their heart into these poems and we are so proud of them!


This week, we wrapped up Math Unit 7, where students learned about angles and how to identify their sizes. They’ve learned helpful vocabulary terms such as vertex, parallel, and quadrilateral. They also identified and compared different angles using a protractor and a clock! Next week, they will start Unit 9, which will begin to wrap everything up.

Social Studies

The time finally came for our historians to present their research project on a European Explorer of their choice. Not only were they perfecting their computer research skills, but they’ve been learning how to collaborate with a partner to make the project something they are both proud to be a part of. They studied their explorer’s map route and taught the 3rd Grad class all about their explorer’s journey including the ships they used and the indigenous cultures they met along the way. Now 4th grade is moving on to their final Science unit, Inheritance and Traits.

Important Dates

May 17 – Kayak Field Trip (9am-11am)

May 26 – No School (Teacher Work Day)

May 29 – No School (Memorial Day)