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Presentation Next Week!


The American Revolution 

Our Fourth Graders wrapped up their work on the American Revolution this week in preparation for their presentation on Tuesday. All students have completed their three papers and are currently finishing their children’s books, timelines, and significant quotes. We look forward to you seeing all of their hard work on display on Tuesday!


This week in grammar we discussed pronouns such as he, she, and they. On Wednesday, the students read through a scholastic magazine and circled all of the pronouns they could identify in the contents. This particular magazine honored Martin Luther King Jr. and discussed the importance of contemplating what you are doing before posting content on the internet.


In math the students recently completed a worksheet that focused on both greater than, equal to, and less than values as well as multiplication. There was a multiplication problem on each side of a blank space and the students had to solve the problem on both sides and then determine which value was greater or if they were equal.

Important dates:

-American Revolution Presentation: Tuesday, January 25th at 8:15 a.m.