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American Revolution Presentation

Fourth Graders did an amazing job presenting all that they have learned during our study of the American Revolution. After researching, gathering notes, and writing a report, students were able to choose the method that they wanted to use to present their knowledge. Students chose a variety of mediums, such as PowerPoints, iMovies, skits, and tri-fold boards. On Friday, students presented these projects to their peers and parents with confidence and enthusiasm. Thanks to all that joined us!


We continued our study of Australia this week with a focus on the different biomes found in this fascinating country/continent. Within this one land mass there are 5 different biomes represented; desert, grassland, temperate forest, tropical forest, and wetlands! This week, we discussed the desert biome in detail and began to gather facts about the animals that can be found in the Australian Outback.

Compliment Books

This week students worked hard to complete compliment books. After lessons about how to craft a thoughtful compliment, brainstorming possible words to use, and thinking of an individualized compliment for each student in the class, the books finally came together. What better Valentine’s Day gift could you ask for than a book full of beautiful compliments just for you?


 Important Dates:

  • February 14 – Valentine’s Day Concert, 1:00 at the Circular Church
  • February 20-21 – No School