The Cooper School Daily

Proud Poets in Kindergarten

Published Poets
This week, Kindergarteners put the finishing touches on the poems that they will be publishing in The Cooper School’s Pass It On book. Over the past couple of weeks, Kindergarteners have been working hard writing so much poetry! From all of their hard work, Kindergarteners looked through and selected two poems that they were most proud of. We are so proud of all of the growth Kindergarteners have shown in writing this year!

Biome Business
Kindergarten students zoomed into the biomes of the world this week to analyze the different parts in each. Students discussed and compared the flora, fauna, climate and landforms in the polar, rainforest, desert and wetland biomes. Students are excited to research a bit more as they move into groups and prepare for our Biome Fashion Show!

Students were so excited to learn all about American currency this week! We took time to sort coins by size and color. Once Kindergarteners were able to recognize coins by name, we took some time to discuss the value of these coins. Students were so able to use their addition skills to figure out the value of multiple coins. Kindergarteners were so excited to take all of their new money knowledge straight to the bank!

Important Dates:
April 15th-18th – April Break (No School)
April 22nd – Artists of the Month – Kindergarten & 4th Grade (8:15am-9am)
April 28- TCS Gala
May 2nd – Biome Fashion Show (8:30am)