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Published Poets

Published Poets
This week, students put the finishing touches on the poems that they will be publishing in The Cooper School’s Pass It On book. Over the past couple of weeks, Kindergarteners have been working hard writing so much poetry! From all of their hard work, Kindergarteners looked through and selected two poems that they were most proud of. We are so proud of all of the growth Kindergarteners have shown in writing this year!

Engineering For Kindergarteners
Kindergarteners could not WAIT to get started on our brand new science unit, all about engineering to solve a problem! This week, students considered technology and tools we use daily to solve problems. Students practiced using the technology of pencils, paper, and even glue! Students were able to identify more problems and solutions that have been created for them. As we dive deeper into our engineering unit, we can’t wait to see the problems these little scientists are able to solve!

Solar Eclipse
Our week started off with PLENTY of excitement learning all about the Solar Eclipse. Students learned about our solar system, and how the eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the sun and Earth. Students learned all about the eyewear used to view it, and were even able to identify this as clothing for production from our Clothing Study! We loved getting to see students’ faces as they viewed their very first Solar Eclipse!

Important Dates:
April 27th – SPARKLE – Spring Auction & Gala
May 9th – Pass It On (Elementary School Writing Event) (11:30 Dismissal)
May 24th – Teacher Work Day (No School)
May 27th – Memorial Day (No School)
May 30th – Half Day (11:30 Dismissal)
May 31st – Last Day of School (11:30 Dismissal)