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Publishing Party, Finger Knitting, and Donald Crews

Publishing Party

Kindergarten writers have been working hard this past trimester to write a narrative piece. These writings have progressed from simple drawings and stretching sounds to write words to writing complete sentences all by themselves. Kindergarteners were delighted to celebrate their writing with a publishing party on Wednesday! First and second grade students were invited to our classroom to hear kindergarten writers read their first published piece. It was amazing to see how proud and excited they were to have their classmates and friends celebrate their accomplishment. Ask your kindergartener about their first publishing party.

Marion Square and Finger Knitting      IMG_0812

Kindergarteners were thrilled to pair up with our third grade friends on Monday to learn how to finger knit. Third grade helpers paired with a kindergartener to show them first hand step by step how to make garland by finger knitting. Kindergarteners really enjoy spending time with their older friends and blossom when given praise and encouragement by their classmates. Kindergarteners made these garlands to be used as decorations for our school tree at Marion Square. Every year, kindergarten and first FullSizeRender-3grade makes garland and ornaments to be used as decorations for the tree decorating contest at Marion Square. These decorations stay on the tree for the entire holiday season. Please visit our tree at Marion Square to see what your kindergartener has helped create!   IMG_0800

Donald Crews

Kindergarten readers have started a new reading unit this week. We are doing our first author study on the creative and inspirational author: Donald Crews. Through reading and discussing various Donald Crews books, kindergarteners have learned what an author is,  what job a illustrator does, and that non-fiction books are about real-life things that include people, places, and things. Kindergarteners will use various Donald Crews books to further improve their comprehension skills. These skills include; setting, plot, retelling, characters, and using picture clues. Ask your kindergartener what they have learned from reading our beloved Donald Crews books.

Important Dates:

  • Friday, December 18th Pajama Day 11:30 Dismissal
  • December 18th-January 4th Winter Break
  • Monday, January 5th School Resumes