The Cooper School Daily

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Galore!

kpumpkinpicPumpkin Investigation

Young pumpkin enthusiasts were able to investigate more information about pumpkins during science. Kindergarteners measured with unfix cubes how tall their pumpkin was and what the circumference was around their round pumpkin by using a piece of string. They counted how many lines (ribs) their pumpkin had and tested whether or not their pumpkin sank or float. (Everyone’s pumpkin floated except for one!)

Kindergarteners were thrilled to finally open the container up that is holding “The Case of The Decomposing Pumpkin” and observe the changes. Kindergarteners were amazed to see that our pumpkin is now flat as a pancake and smells absolutely terrible. They shared with me how cool it was to see that the seeds do really scatter when a pumpkin decomposes and that the seeds are growing a brand new pumpkin right next to the decomposed one!

krottenpumpPumpkin Patch

Our first study trip to Boone Hall Plantation Pumpkin Patch was a funfilled experience where kindergarteners learned even more about pumpkins. Pumpkin enthusiasts were able to closely observe the pumpkin patch and act out the stages of the pumpkin life cycle. (We have used these actions for an activity during our morning meeting this week) Each kindergartener got to choose a pumpkin of their own to bring home. Kindergarteners got to enjoy a fun “spooky” hayride around the plantation and there was even time to play on their playground. The kindergarteners especially enjoyed playing on the long tube slide and getting dirty while bouncing and jumping on the gigantic jump pillow. Ask your kindergartener what their favorite activity was?

Pumpkin Festival

This week kindergarten pumpkin experts shared all of their pumpkin knowledge with kindergarten families during our beautiful pumpkin festival. The festive event was truly special because they had been working quite hard to prepare their pumpkin facts, learn songs, and practice speaking in front of an audience. Kindergarten pumpkin experts did a fabulous job sharing all they know about pumpkins. Parents did a lovely job supplying a fabulous spread of pumpkin foods, and we thank you!