The Cooper School Daily

Rainforest !

Rainforest Wonders

This week in our Rainforest unit our students wrote about wonders with they had about the rainforest. Wonders about the rainforest ranged from, “How many trees are in the rainforest?” and “How hot does it get in the Rainforest?” to,  ‘’Why are there so many dangerous animals?”, and “How do people travel in the rainforest?” Scholars created beautiful butterflies using blue mache paper to go with their wonder. Ask your scholar what wonder they chose!


Pass It On

This week scholars have been practicing reading their poems that they will read at Pass It On. Scholars have been reading with a partner in the classroom everyday to feel more comfortable. Students have also been reading their poems to both teachers in the classroom. Our poets now have their poems almost memorized and ready to share at Pass It On this evening!  We hope to see you all there!


Math Wizards

This week in math our scholars have been working on counting straws to make nineteen, twenty, and then making piles for each ten. Kindergartners are able to model with objects and represent number ten to twenty with place value and hide zero cards. Number bonds came back into the picture this week in math and our scholars were able to model numbers ten to twenty using them. Ask your scholar what was their favorite part of math this week!


Important Dates:

  • Sunday May 19th TCS End of the Year Celebration at The Riverdogs Baseball Game
  • Friday, May 27th Memorial Day- No School
  • Thursday, May 30th 11:30 Dismissal
  • Friday, May 31st Field Day- 11:30 Dismissal