The Cooper School Daily

Ravenous Readers


This trimester, all grade levels at The Cooper School are focusing on curiosity. What does curiosity look like, sound like, feel like? Do you feel that propulsion in your gut to seek information when you’re curious? These are questions students have been pondering this past week. Whenever your thinkers feel curious, they are encouraged to write a wonder down and post it to our Wonder Wall. This week, third, fourth, and fifth graders were curious about an adventurous turtle that made it into our pond! Ask your child what they’re curious about this weekend?

Silent Sustained Reading

What a crazy, rain-filled week we have had! This short week was a perfect opportunity to take a break from our realistic fiction novel sets and focus on silent sustained reading (SSR). In SSR, students are empowered with the ability to choose their own book. Photo_Sep_23,_11_08_20_AMThis choice gives them practice in choosing a just right book and gives them ownership over their learning. During SSR, students read silently for 25-30 minutes while thinking about an aspect of their book. This week, your readers dwelled on who the main character is, what the setting is, and what the central problem is. Ask your child what book they are reading for SSR!

Tinkering Cart

TCS teachers unveiled the brand new Tinkering Cart, designed by Stacey Bilodeau, to students during Whole School Morning Meeting on Friday. This year, students got to brainstorm a list of items that they would like to find in the tinkering cart. This weekend the cart will be filled with all sorts of goodies for students to experiment, create and explore with next week. This is one of the students’ favorite school activities because it promotes creativity, perseverance, and critical thinking all while having fun!