The Cooper School Daily

Raving about First Grade!


Our first grade scholars have been working hard to expand their vocabulary. This week we read the book, “The Principal’s New Clothes” and expanded our word bank to six more words. We have practiced acting out our words (a special thanks to our friends at Charleston Stage Company for adding extra drama to our classroom). We’ve been so impressed with the sentences our scholars have been coming up with and we cannot wait to learn more words next week.

Bugging about Insects!

Our Insect collection has grown into a proper museum this week! Our scientists have blown us away with how many insects they have found and brought in. Our morning share time has gotten even more exciting as we find out each day what new insects we have added to our collection. This week, we added live mealworms to our First Grade classroom. Our scientists have shown off their observation skills by tracking transformations they have noticed in the mealworms. We are excited to see what they will become!

Yoga Masters!

Our first graders love going to yoga with Ms. Courtney! Together they practice mindfulness through movement and thoughtful conversation. This week, they learned the sanskrit word “asana” which means pose. Our yogis practiced their favorite poses and ended the class with a silent meditation.

Important Dates:

Virtual Curriculum Night – September 22

Fall Break – No School – October 18-19