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Reading Novels, Writing True Stories and Speaking Like Third Grade Scholars!

photo_2-7Reading Novels In a Series

Third Grade readers were so excited to begin a study on Ann Cameron’s novel series during Reader’s Workshop this week! Ann Cameron is a prolific author that writes for the elementary aged child from grades 2-5. These realistic fiction stories are focused on a character named Julian and his friends as they experience light and funny adventures.

Brave readers spent time reading “The Stories Julian Tells” and learning the routines of using their reader’s notebook daily to jot notes as they read and write summaries. Students were asked to re-read and look at the chapters through different “lenses”. Third Graders practiced identifying pieces of the text that allowed them to make personal connections. They then learned to identify literal and nonliteral language and determine what the author really meant. Ask your Third Grader what they liked most about “The Stories Julian Tells”!

Writing True Stories

photo_3-11Third Graders have been oh so busy crafting true stories during Writing Workshop. This week Third Grade writers began using a very grown-up, professional writing tool known as the writer’s notebook! These brave writers are learning to compose personal narratives with independence. We started the week by making goals for our writing during this Third Grade year. Some students chose to focus on strong leads, writing stronger and longer or to really look at punctuation in each piece of writing they do. Students have been learning strategies to put into their “Writer Tool Belt”. These writers are practicing strategies for finding ideas when they feel “stuck”. Ask your Third Grader what they know to do when developing ideas to write about!

Speaking Like Scholars

This week students began learning how to engage in whole-group discussions like scholars. We began with what it “looks like” to talk like a scholar. Students practiced tracking the person speaking with their eyes, not raising their hand while others were talking, and speaking to everyone in the group instead of just speaking to the teacher. Students took turns restating questions as they answered them during group discussions. Third Graders are learning so much from each other as they develop their scholarly speaking skills!