The Cooper School Daily

Reading Our Hearts Out

Avid Readers
This week, Kindergarteners celebrated all of their amazing growth in reading and launched into our new Avid Readers unit. Students spent time identifying what it means to be an Avid Reader by investigating photographs of examples of people reading their hearts out. Students discovered that Avid Readers read a lot, find places everywhere to read, keep a stack of books waiting to be read, can’t stop reading, and they feel what the character is feeling! Wow! Ask your Kindergartener what they know about being an Avid Reader! 

Biome Fauna
This week, Kindergarteners dove deep into their biome study by exploring the fauna found in their assigned environment. Students met with their groups to gather around books about the Rainforest, Desert, Wetlands or Polar Biome. We loved hearing all about what animals Kindergarteners already knew about and which they were surprised to learn were residents of their environment. Students were most excited to learn about the pink dolphin of the Amazon Rainforest!

Rocking the Runway
This week, students had the opportunity to check out a fashion show in preparation for our upcoming presentation. Students were excited to hear their runway music and learn about the flow of the show. After some study of different fashion shows, Kindergarteners jumped at the opportunity to strut their own stuff. We can’t wait to show off our Biome looks on May 2nd!

Important Dates:
April 15th-18th – April Break (No School)
April 22nd – Artists of the Month – Kindergarten & 4th Grade (8:15am-9am)
April 28 – TCS Gala
May 2nd – Biome Fashion Show (8:30am)